Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach, SC is a popular tourist destination on the East Coast. This resort city is found in Horry County along a long stretch of beach called Grand Strand. While it is a popular tourist destination that attracts more than 14 million visitors every year, about 27,100 people call the city home year-round. Myrtle Beach is found on a man-made island, so it has been separated from the continental U.S. since the 1930s. Horry County Schools serves the community, but higher educational opportunities are also available, including Coastal Carolina University, Horry-Georgetown Technical College, and Miller-Motte Technical College.

Whether you live in Myrtle Beach or are just visiting, there are attractions that will appeal to your entire family. One of the most prominent attractions along the coast is the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel, which your kids will probably enjoy, and families may also enjoy an afternoon at the Family Kingdom Amusement Park or Ripley’s Aquarium. Broadway at the Beach offers a variety of options for dining and shopping, and Tanger Outlets Myrtle Beach is a popular outlet mall in the area. Additionally, if you want to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city, consider spending a quieter day at the Myrtle Beach State Park where you can enjoy the beach, have a picnic, or camp out.

This city’s warm subtropical climate is one of the reasons it is so popular for tourists and visitors. The city enjoys sunshine year-round, and the summer months are long, humid, and hot. Daytime highs can range anywhere from 83 to 91 degrees Fahrenheit, so most residents invest in energy efficient central air conditioning units to stay cool. While winters in the area tend to be short and mild, nighttime lows do fall into the mid-30s, so a furnace or heat pump is needed to keep indoor temperatures comfortable during these months.

Regardless of your heating and air conditioning needs, TNT Heating & Air can help you create a comfortable home or business in Myrtle Beach, SC. We are a local, family-owned HVAC company and we cannot wait to share our heating and air expertise with you. Contact us to learn more about our HVAC services.

Air Conditioning

Are you struggling to find an air conditioning company you can trust in Myrtle Beach, SC? Maybe your air conditioning system suddenly stopped working, your home isn’t cooling properly, or you noticed a leak coming from your system. Trust in TNT Heating & Air—we are on your side and can handle it all.

Don’t try to fix your system on your own or continue letting your system perform less efficiently than it’s capable of operating. Just reach out to our professionals who can step in to address the situation, and we will leave your system in top condition.

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Air Ducts

Ready to have new air ducts installed in your Myrtle Beach, SC, home? TNT Heating & Air is here to assist you and take care of all your ductwork needs.

Our experts can provide you with new air ducts for a new construction home, inspect the ductwork of your current home for leaks or tears, and repair your ducts to ensure they allow your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system to operate efficiently.

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Nobody enjoys having a problem with the boiler in their Myrtle Beach, SC, home. But if you do find yourself struggling with an issue, leave the troubleshooting and repairs to our TNT Heating & Air professionals.

Save yourself the headache and reach out to our team here in the Myrtle Beach area. We can provide all the boiler services you need—from installation or replacement to repairs and maintenance.

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Commercial Services

Is it time for a new commercial heating and cooling system for your business? TNT Heating & Air is here for you. After all, we provide the best commercial heating and cooling services here in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Opt for a more energy-efficient system, save money on your utility bills, and improve your indoor air quality (IAQ). Speak with our professionals to learn more.

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Ductless Systems

Whether it’s time for a full ductless system replacement or you’re in need of professional repair, TNT Heating & Air is here to address all of your needs. Our team of experts can go over the wide variety of ductless systems as well as offer you the repair and maintenance services you need to ensure your system is operating well all throughout the year here in Myrtle Beach, SC.

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For the furnace services you need and can trust here in Myrtle Beach, SC, reach out to our TNT Heating & Air experts.

Our team is composed of highly skilled and trained professionals who are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the furnace in your home functions as well as it should.

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Geothermal Heat Pumps

Considering a geothermal system for your Myrtle Beach, SC, home? TNT Heating & Air can tell you about all the different makes and models to ensure you opt for the right system for your home.

Do you already have a geothermal heat pump but it’s giving you a problem? Let our experts step in to address any issues you are having and ensure everything is working properly.

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Heat Pumps

Ready to invest in a great, energy-efficient alternative to provide heating and cooling in your Myrtle Beach, SC, home? Be sure to speak with our TNT Heating & Air professionals about heat pump installation so you can start saving on your energy bills and enjoying an environmentally friendly heating and cooling system.

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Indoor Air Quality

Looking for a way to breathe better with ideal indoor air quality (IAQ) in your Myrtle Beach home? TNT Heating & Air can discuss the best methods to achieve cleaner indoor air.

Stop breathing in as many chemicals, odors, and allergens. Start breathing in fresher, cleaner air in your Myrtle Beach, SC, home today.

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Zone Control Systems

Considering adding a zone control system to your current Myrtle Beach home? Or are you looking to have zone control system installation in your newly built home?

Maybe you already have a zone control system but something isn’t working correctly and you want a professional to take a look at it. No matter what your zone control needs are in Myrtle Beach, SC, TNT Heating & Air can step in and get the job addressed for you.

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Ductless Mini-Split Installation in Myrtle Beach, SC 29579

“I wanted to recognize Will Marlowe with TNT. He is honest and takes his time , he answers all the questions . We never felt rushed with asking him to explain all the steps. This is the second system that we purchased from TNT on Will’s advice. Will is an asset to his company with his knowledge and passion.”
- Darlene H.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Myrtle Beach, SC 29588

“Nick Yacobacci has been servicing our three AC units for several years and we can’t speak more highly of him. We have a maintenance contract with T-N-T and have been fortunate enough to have seen Nick almost every 6 months. He is extremely dependable, knowledgeable, polite, thorough and patient (I ask a lot of questions!). The only reason I didn’t leave a 5 star rating is because the company itself was not willing/able to resolve a pending problem caused by animals.”
- Patty W.

Air Conditioner Repair in Myrtle Beach, SC 29572

“System lost coolant due to defective valve. Kevin and Billy arrived early morning. Process to repair was long but they kept at it all day until it was completed. Guys were courteous and ensured they cleaned up.”
- Anthony B.